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-For aesthetic reasons, indoor trees should have 20% of floor to ceiling height left as clear space above the tree.

-Current trends see branches being brought lower to the ground.

-When storing trees leave them standing, garlands and wreaths should be hung to prevent matting.

-Don't undersize ornaments, judge if people will see your tree from a distance or up close.

-For outdoor trees in yards, retail locations, or commercial settings, the tree's height must be significantly greater. The tree and its decorations should be large enough to be identifiable and inviting. 

-Light one tree in an exceptional way versus several trees in a moderate way. 


-Artificial trees help decrease the deforestation and eliminate the chemicals that are placed in the soil that tree farms use to spur unnaturally fast growth for their crop.

The Traditional "Storybook" image that evokes warm thoughts of the holidays typically revolves around the Christmas tree.  Darren Venteicher says, "The Normal Rockwell like tree is twice as tall as it is wide, and is the standard most people try to achieve."  Did you know, however, that this ideal may not be the best shape for a tree inside of your home or in an outdoor or retail lcoation - scale is the defining element.


Darren may be the only person in the industry having a degree in horticulture.  The means he has the eye and talent to create lifelike qualitites.  There may be secret rules of thumb as to how a tree's width should change as its height grows, but much of the holiday artistry comes from his knowledge of natural growth patterns. 

When selecting the size, shape, and location of a tree, garland, or wreath "knowing your audience is critical," says Darren.  Inside a home, you may have a tall ceiling but not have the space for that post card width.  Trees can be slim to fit spaces but we have to alter the thickness and bulk of foliage in key places to make the tree fit the room and scale of objects around it.  Knowing who your audience is and from what perspective they will view decor really is "the ultimate factor."  At home, think of guests and entertaining.  Are they able to look across the room and see detail on the tree?  In a retail setting, decorations need to be dramatically larger because people will be looking from a distance.

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